Monday, February 11, 2008


This past weekend, we made yet another trip to IKEA. This time we went to return some leftover components that remained after all the cabinets, drawers and doors were installed. The total value of the returned items was about $100. However, my wife has been examining the kitchen as the assembly nears completion, and she’s been starting a lot of sentences with the words, “What if we…?”

So on this particular visit to IKEA, we spent another $478 on “change of mind” components. We’ll be changing some hinges, removing some cabinet doors and replacing them with drawers, installing some organization accessories, etc. I can see that this project will cost us far more than I imagined at the beginning.

On the way down, we saw an airplane skywriting something over the city. I wasn’t able to get a picture of it, but as we neared IKEA, the airplane finished the words, “JESUS LOVES YOU.” Unfortunately, the winds at that altitude all but obliterated the first word before the last word was completed. The finished product looked like this:


It got me wondering, “Where do skywriters learn their craft?” So I imagine some largely uninhabited coastal area where a skywriting school is located. Every day, the sky is filled with poorly formed, misspelled words, graded by instructors on the ground:


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