Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Island: More Warning Signs

It was time to leave Kauai, so we drove to the tiny airport that serves the island. It was nearly empty.


I was amused by this ridiculously pretentious wall of clocks, providing the time all over the world. Among them are clocks giving the time at the Falkland Islands and the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, for executives with urgent business in those locations.


We flew to Honolulu to change planes. At the airport, we were escorted into this deserted holding lounge.


A guard stood at one door to keep unauthorized persons from entering, and another guard sat by the door that exited onto the tarmac, to keep us from leaving. He was asleep, but woke up just as I took this picture.


Eventually we boarded another plane for the flight to the Big Island (which is actually named Hawaii). Our hotel was right on the water in Kailua, on the western side of the island known as the Kona Coast. We had corner room, with sliding glass doors out to a wraparound deck.


The sliding glass doors had little swordfish warning stickers on them to keep guests from accidentally walking into the glass. The stickers enabled me to take this picture.


The coastline in Kailua Bay is rocky and treacherous.



The hotel has a semicircular restaurant right on the rocks.


One morning, the surf was so rough that diners having breakfast at those coveted window tables were getting soaked with salty spray.

As always, I amused myself taking pictures of warning signs.


My favorite was this one, featuring a silhouette of a man descending the stairs. But on closer inspection, it looks like a man standing on the stairs with a leg growing out of his ass.


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