Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Double Pun-itration

A friend of mine is fond of making the same silly jokes over and over again. One of his favorites is when he's in a restaurant and the food arrives before the server gives us sliverware. He looks up at the server with an innocent expression and asks, "Where's my fork and knife?" But he slurs the words so that it sounds like an obscenity.

I ran a couple of errands today and saw two things that were similarly ridiculous, in the sense that they triggered some sophomoric humor reflex. One was a sign for "Falken Tires." I hope they're good tires, because It's so easy to say "I'll never by those Falken Tires again."

The other was a sign on a painters truck that said "Faux King Painters." Once again, it's really tempting to say, "Those Faux King Painters messed up my family room." If you don't know what "faux" painters do, look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls.


Chris said...

Dude...the worst I ever saw was a mini van with the following sign:

"Two Ladies and a Bucket"

Yeah, they were a cleaning crew...but...

burton said...

For some reason, Toby always refers to his silverware as his fork 'n spoon. K and I always crack up when he says it and he always looks confused.