Friday, March 6, 2009

Split Rock Soup

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to one of the lawyers who plays in my pool league. She told me that she’s been working as a member of the defense team for insurance companies that insure trucking companies. It seems that trucking companies have to purchase pretty hefty liability insurance policies. Some people involved in accidents with tractor-trailers try to take advantage of the trucking company’s insurance company by faking injuries and suing for ridiculous amounts in the hope of a sizeable settlement.

As a result of being jobless, I’m trying to be careful about unnecessary expenditures. For example, I’ve been driving very carefully, to avoid getting a speeding ticket. I’ve been trying to stay healthy, to avoid having to buy expensive medications or visit the doctor.

In addition, my wife has been making lots of bulk meals from inexpensive ingredients. She’s pretty good at this, so I don’t complain at all. We lived in Boston for a long time, and she learned to make hearty homemade soups, stews, pasta dishes - all delicious and filling.

The other day she made a big pot of split pea soup, one of my favorites. I had a bowl for supper yesterday, and I bit down on this:


Not the dime, the rock. That rock is bigger than the stone in most engagement rings. Thank God I was paying attention, because I didn’t crack a tooth or lose a filling – something I wouldn’t want to pay for right now. But it got me thinking about the company that packages the split peas. I wonder if they have good liability insurance? I can't feel my legs.

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Chris said...

You sure your wife didn't put in there?